Twistn’ 3 Rules

Rules and Regulations

Twistn’ 3 Productions is committed to the growth of fun, exciting barrel racing for all ages and levels. We promote the sport to the best of our ability, with great focus on the horse and rider
safety at all times.

*Award winner must be present to receive awards. If awards are not picked up on Sunday
you will forfeit them, no exceptions. We DO NOT ship awards under any circumstances.
This pertains to the top 5 main race and the top 5 in the futurity. Awards will be given out
after the Sunday session.
*Vet releases must be in the main office before the start of the race. Refunds will be for entry fee only. Twistn’ 3 Productions will keep late fees, and processing fees.
*Vet release must be from a certified vet only. We will not accept letters from Chiropractors etc.

There is a $35 service charge on all returned checks from the bank, for any reason. If
a check is not replaced with a cashier’s check or money order within 30 days after the
check is dated, the contestant will be put on the “ineligible” list and must pay by cash in
the future.

If any contestants’ times are tied, the prize money will be split equally. The prize winner
will be determined by the toss of a coin, unless riders/winners can agree on award split.


Twistn’ 3 Productions Barrel Racing has a Photo or Video crew at every event. These photos/videos are the property of the photographer or videographer..

If the timer fails to work properly you will be given a re-run, unless a barrel has been
knocked over, or you were off course. Any penalty occurring on the re-run shall result in
a no time. There shall be no selling of any type of merchandise or professional service on the arena
grounds, in stalls, or at trailers without a vendor contract with Twistn’ 3 Productions.

Contestant must check in with the Gate Man a minimum of 5 horses before they run. If
you have a horse that does not allow you to check in please have someone check in for
you. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification. Contestant’s name will be called by
the Gate Man three times, if the contestant does not acknowledge the gate man they will
be disqualified. The Gate Man will call you three times. If you still do not answer you
will be disqualified. When called by the announcer, the contestant will have 60 seconds to proceed down the alley-way.

If you go off course you may complete your pattern. But you MAY NOT re-circle a barrel. There will be a $25 fine for circling the barrel more than once. .

Open race: 5D format ½ second splits
Side Pots: 4D format Whole, 1/2, 1/2 (unless otherwise noted)
The Open class, as its name implies, is open to all racers with no defined eligibility. It is
typically the race class with the most riders, the most added money, and, as a result, the
largest payouts.

The Youth class is for riders 18 or younger at time entry is mailed in.
The Adult class is for riders who are 19 – 48 years old at time entry is mailed in.
The Masters class is for riders 49 or older at time entry is mailed in.

For those race classes where rider eligibility is defined, Twistn’ 3 Productions makes the assumption that riders entering that class are doing so honestly. Twistn’ 3 Productions will take no proactive steps to assure such things as a rider’s age, horse ownership, or winnings. However, eligibility requirements are defined to assure that riders in a given class are on an equal footing in
terms of eligibility. As a result, Twistn’ 3 Productions has an eligibility protest process. Any rider who believes that a rider in any class is not eligible to run in that class will pay a $50
protest fee and must accompany the payment with evidence supporting the claim. If,
after Twistn’ 3 Productions investigates, it is found that the protest is valid, the fee will be returned to the person who raised the protest and the rider in violation will be disqualified and must forfeit any payouts won in the class from the point of ineligibility and forward. If the
protest is not valid, the $50 protest fee will be retained by Twistn’ 3 Productions.

Jackpots for a class are calculated by taking at least 75% of entry fees for that class plus
ALL of the added money. At the producer’s discretion, the percentage of entry fees
allocated to a jackpot may be increased.

Twistn’ 3 Productions may, at its discretion, refrain from making payment to a racer until the racer has remedied the situation which is causing the payment to be held. This includes—but is not limited to–those who owe money, haven’t provided a Social Security Number, or are the
subject of an unresolved protest.

If contestant knocks down a barrel it is considered a no-time run. The rider’s time will be
announced but no moneys will be paid on the run. If a rider fails to complete a forward
cloverleaf pattern, it too will be considered a no-time. If a contestant runs out of draw
position, it will be considered a no-time if no producer error has occurred.

All contestants who enter by fax or mail or who enter at the arena must complete an entry
form, signed and dated, before they will be entered into the race. If under 18, then the
legal guardian must complete the form in its entirety. Those who enter online do not fill
out a form but their acknowledgement and agreement to the release information presented
during the online session will act as an electronic signature.

All riders who enter must provide the real name, preferably the registered name, of all
horses entered. Those entering more than one horse may not enter horses with generic
names (e.g., Horse 1, Horse 2); this opens the door to ground position manipulation and
will not be tolerated.

Pants, hat, long sleeve shirt and boots are required at all races. You will receive a $10
fine for violations. A $10 fine will also be accessed if a rider’s hat falls off in the arena. If you owe any fine fees, you must pay these fees before you will be allowed to enter or
run in the next race.


Animal Abuse Will Not Be Tolerated. If you are seen spurring, whipping or excessively
jerking on your horse’s mouth, you will be disqualified! NO TOLERANCE. We all know
when this happens and when too much is too much. Please be kind to your horse.

Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. All contestants and their family members
are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times. No level of abuse toward any
animal at this event will be allowed. Foul language, misconduct or abusive comments
spoken to any contestant, spectator, staff member or volunteer will result in immediate
contestant disqualification and no refund of entry fees. Contestants are also responsible
for traveling companions and family members. All decisions made by the Race Director
are final. This section applies to race personnel as well.

The draw will be done in random order using race management software. Once the draw
has been finalized by Twistn’ 3 Productions no changes can be made to it.

Running a horse out of draw position will result in disqualification. Horses will be
entered into the race management system as indicated on the entry form. The draw will
be announced twice with both horse and rider combination. It is the rider’s responsibility
to make any corrections within that timeframe before the final draw is posted. During
large events, riders will be allowed to choose which section/day they would like to run,
however no specific draw position can be requested.

Handling of disputes/complaints: All complaints at any given event by a contestant
should be brought to the Producer’s attention in a professional, discreet manner.
Discretion with complaints is strongly advised so as not to perpetuate a situation that has
personal elements, not directly relating to the event at hand. All complaints are welcome,
and will be handled with great thought and consideration on both sides. Complaints in
writing are most suited, but private vocal complaints during an event are just as welcome.

Any person who purposefully disturbs or disrupts other contestants, flow of race,
race producers or arena officers, vendors or sponsors will be dealt with according
to hard-proven facts. Before a dispute is resolved, said person shall be placed on a
Probationary list and banned from all Twistn’ 3 Productions events until further outcome. It will
be the responsibility of the contestant to prove the disturbance was warranted and not
of a personal nature alone. Determination will be made by an impartial unpaid panel,
which will review all the facts and make a decision as to whether that contestant may
continue on at any/all Association events. Probationary periods may be imposed in lieu
of exclusion or a fine imposed as to the extent of any damages caused by such complaint.

Using abusive or intemperate language or attempting to threaten, bribe, influence,
or harass any contestant, spectator, staff member, or Arena Personnel. Also, any
remarks made with the intent to cast aspersions on the character or integrity of a
Twistn’ 3 Productions staff member or management member.

Moving or attempting to move markers at any time.
Use of electronic and/or remotely controlled devices to alter the outcome of a run.
Abuse of a horse in any way.
Competing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Misidentifying a horse in any Twistn’ 3 Productions Barrel Race class.
Misidentifying a rider in any Twistn’ 3 Productions Barrel Race class.
Other conduct that is not in the best interest of the Twistn’ 3 Productions Production, or its

Failure to make good on a returned check to Twistn’ 3 Productions
Twistn’ 3 Productions Management at their sole discretion shall have the authority to
disqualify or deny entry to any horse they deem dangerous to the rider, or to other
individuals, animals or property.
Twistn’ 3 Productions reserves the right to create any new rule, or modify any existing rule, in order to better the sport or this barrel race.